Section 4 – Interesting Articles and Prayer Documents

Section 4 Overview

These are interesting articles to add to our training that we thought would enrich your experience more. Please go ahead and read through them.

26Lausanne 3 Cape Town Call to Action comparison with L-10-TThis A4 document contains the analysis showing that L-10-T fulfils more than 80% of the 94 Calls to Action of Lausanne 3
27Integrated Marketplace Transformation StrategyThis A4 document records an overall strategy to equip the different spheres (mountains) of society to fight society’s giants. It shows clearly the role of L-10-T as a foundational strategy.
28l-10-T testimonies from around the WorldThis A4 document records testimonies from people who are doing l-10-T, or who are Trainers or country co-ordinators
29The l-10-T Prayer DocumentPlease support the Great Commission by using this A4 1-hour prayer document to pray for the L-10-T ministry worldwide