Material Overview

The Luke10t Course aims to enrich your life with God.

There are  currently 29 resources available in the L-10-T Course. You can use any or all of them as progress through L-10-T according to your needs. You may progress from an L-10-T do-er to an L-10-T trainer, Master Trainer or National Coordinator for a country or region.

If you ever get lost between the resources the course structure on the left contain them all and you can easily navigate back to where you left off. Resource 1 also explains in great detail how the resources relate to each other and can be used.

Below is an overview of each resource.


Introduction to L-10-T


Training to L-10-T


How to become a Trainer and more


Interesting articles and prayer documents

When you are done with a resource, click next to proceed to the next resource.