Luke 10 Transformation (L-10-T) is a training programme (12 hours) based on Jesus’ sending of the 72 disciples. L-10-T assists every believer to live their faith by praying, caring and sharing Jesus daily wherever they go. L-10-T is for the introvert and extrovert, the busy, the bold and not so bold – whoever you are – you can follow Jesus the L-10-T way.


L-10T is in partnership with Igniting Prayer Action (IPA), visit their new website today and learn even more about prayer, Waiting on God, and L-10-T.

What is L-10-T ?

A training programme to enrich the Christian values with the power of the gospel.

Suitable Age

Children, Youth & Adults

Course Content

Training Manuals and the Lifestyle DVD

Free and with Love

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Every Christian older than 3 and younger than a 100! – Children, Youth & Adults! L-10-T changes every Christian into an active messenger of Christ WHEREVER THEY GO FOR WORK, STUDY, SHOPPING OR PLEASURE. EVERYONE – L-10-T is designed to make EVANGELISTS OF THE SHY, BOLD AND BUSY.



You ask God’s blessing or peace on every place & the people where you go and the tasks you do. Also on your persecutors!  Usually a silent prayer!



Identify non-believers in Christ (of all faiths or no faith) and build relationships with them (without compromising your faith) – preach Christ WITHOUT using words!



Identify the needs of the people around you by listening or asking and then: Assist physically or emotionally if possible; AND/OR pray for the need (silently or out loud to the person).



Preach the gospel by talking if you have the gift of evangelism or by answering any question about your faith, if you are one of the 96% of all Christians who do not normally freely talk about Christ. Step 4 includes Take 5 – focusing your L-10-T on 5 specific lost people! ALL steps should always be guided by the Holy Spirit!